Silver Marketing Plan DIY – $69

All Needed Social Media Sites + Links (For setup)

Where to be set up on Social Media

4 – ‘Must Be Listed On’ Sites + Links
4 – ‘Free & Low-cost’ Book Review Submissions + Links
5 – Hottest Free or Low-cost Advertising Sites + Links
4 – Trusted Book Awards Programs
5 – Free Sites To List Your Books

Gold Marketing Plan DIY – $79

  • Includes everything in the Silver Plan and more added sites in each category
  • Free literary consulting
  • Includes Read and Review placements on Amazon & Goodreads

Platinum Marketing Plan (All Done For You) – $159

  • Includes everything in the Silver and Gold Plans
  • More added listing sites. 
  • Most services setup completed for you. 

How To Proceed:

  • Click on the “SELECT A PLAN” button to go to the plan page.
  • Fill out the form on the plan page and submit it directly to me
  •  I will reach out to you and set a phone call to chat about how I can help you accomplish your literary marketing goals for your book(s)
  • Once we discuss and finalize your plan, I will send you an invoice to get everything started

Our Author Power Marketing Plans   

Here’s what you receive within our Marketing Plans:

  • Where you need to be set up on social media and Large Book Reader Sites
  • Literary Influencer Book Placement and Magazine Sites 
  • A large list of free book sites to list all your books
  • A Guest Author & Book Spotlight on Catherine’s Book Blog
  • Book Added to Catherine’s “Hot Book Picks Page and Photo Gallery”
  • All Sites Are Search Engine Submitted to Increase Your Search Presence 
  • List of low-cost book and discounted advertising for book blitz promos throughout social media & media
  • New Book Launch Marketing sites that are affordable packages through mainstream media 
  • Catherine will order front cover promotional photo’s, book teasers/banners for promoting tools
  • List of places for free or low-cost Read and Reviews for your book on Literary Influencer magazines
  • BEST Book Award Programs that are legit, trusted, and give prizes


ARE YOU READY To Elevate Your New Book at Low-Cost?



  • All Plans include a Master List, Email, and all links to all sites you are listed
  • All plans include a free Author and Book Spotlight on our website
  • Books placed in our Book & Author Photo Gallery 
  • One Paid Book Advertisement
  • ALSO Includes FREE Consulting, Referrals, and Book Ad Discounts!
  • On-Going: Emails about other free, low-cost, and book ad discounts from book sites to list your book and do free author interviews. Most are free or low-cost ads that get results. I utilize Facebook and Twitter for Boost or Per Click Ads is CATS Specialty. Other book sites that send Emails, Newsletters, or even a TEXT to their large membership and subscribers of readers when a new book is listed!


They Called Him Marvin: A History of Love, War, and Family by Author Roger Stark 2021

“I met Cat some years back when she ran Lyon Book Promotions and when I released my two addiction and recovery books in 2015. She did a fantastic job then, and I did not hesitate to hire her when I heard she created marketing plans with free literary consulting. When we chatted, it was like we picked up right where we left off.  She is such a sweet and inspiring soul. This time she created a special marketing plan to fit the areas and niche target for my new non-fiction military wartime novel.
Cat made my head spin with the depth of new knowledge in book marketing and publicity. We set up a Pre-Beta read on Goodreads before the e-book release, which garnered many organic readers’ many book reviews. And many came in on Amazon already when I launched the e-book on Amazon Kindle:   
You can read here on my Goodreads Author book profile:
GR Roger Stark Reviews …
Catherine also urged me to submit my book for a free review with a big literary website and magazine. Results? I was awarded a 5-Star rating and exceptional book review and press release! Again, I wouldn’t use any other service but
Catherine’s new Lyon Literary Services, Marketing Plans, & Consulting. The value gained from her marketing is not just about the money! It was worth the affordable price she charged, and she goes above and beyond for her clients to garnish results by getting readers to your books, increased exposure, sales, and book reviews.
I highly recommend her!

A Memoir By Advocate & Four-Time International Best-Selling Author, Darren Prince and his book Aiming High: How a Prominent Sports and Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom at the Top 2020-2021

“I have known Catherine for a few years now, as we met at a mutual speaking event for addiction and recovery awareness a few years ago. When COVID hit last year, my new book sales stalled some, so I released new audiobook and e-book releases formats. I hired Cat to help market them as I knew her forte was in literary marketing and advertising books is much different than running a Sports/Celeb marketing business. 
I was very impressed with the wealth of knowledge Catherine has in marketing books. She did a professional job. I am a stickler about keeping my personal life private. She gave us exceptional personal service that is worth way more than the money I paid for her platinum plan and additional services.

My sales for both formats increased, and we acquired more reviews! 
“I highly recommend her literary marketing and consulting services.
Great job, Catherine.”
~Author, Darren Prince of Prince Marketing Group 

Tony Kelly’s Marketing Testimonial of “Lyon Literary Services.”

“If you need help with the challenge of marketing your new books?
Look to my friend Catherine and tap into the best marketing plans and at a reasonable price. Catherine and I have been recovery friends for a long time helped me a few years ago with my first book release, and she did a great job then and is doing an exceptional job now with my newest book. Her prices for her marketing plans are affordable for all she does.
Catherine went beyond and arranged for a podcast show in the USA that helped my book and foundation. The wealth of book sites and book advertising she has is mind-boggling. Her attention to detail is stunning! I highly recommend her book marketing services, marketing plans, and free consulting.”

~Tony Kelly Author & CEO of Red Card Gambling Support Project
Former UK Footballer
Best-Selling Author Marilyn L. Davis & her Testimonial of “Lyon Literary Services& about her two new book releases titled “Finding North” and “Memories Into Memoir.”

“Many times in my life, I’ve had to find help to accomplish something. Since I wanted my children educated, I gladly sent them to school. When I wanted to buy my first car, I worked but got a loan to get it sooner and establish credit. New in my recovery, I got a sponsor. Starting my blog, I wrote for another one to learn the ropes from that Editor-in-Chief. 

I HIRED AN EDITOR when I wrote my books, but I knew that it would take more than good words, syntax, and a story to have my memoir noticed. 
That’s when I sought help from Catherine Lyon. We’d known each other through social media and her guest posts on my blog,  Addict 2 Advocate.  
Cat immediately understood how little I knew about promoting and marketing my books, even though I have thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and other sites. I’m not telling you about how many followers I have to brag, but to let you know, those followers aren’t enough. It’s rather like learning simple math and teaching it to my children – it isn’t all they need to know. 
Cat got my book reviewed, promoted, written about, and found sites for me to give author interviews. Could I have done any of this for myself – yes, but not enough. She is also respectful of what it takes to write a book, having written Addicted to Dimes and learning the marketing ropes with her book. Don’t think that you know enough, have a viable social media presence, have enough followers, or know how to market your book yourself. You need to invest as much in marketing as the writing. Contact Cat today and see your sales soar.”